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An Easy, Effective & Affordable One to One Introduction of Your Establishment to Foreign Clients in Cyprus.
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Why CYXplore

CYXplore is an easy 24 hours around the clock, 365 days a year accessible commercial directory available free to all subscribers, operating under IOS or Android environment.

Cyprus Business Finder

Search by specifying city, brand availability, category or subcategory or search for businesses near your location. CYXplore operates as an expert in town recommending to its subscriber where to find what, in each region in Cyprus. Our motto “We take you where locals go” indicates that we recommend to foreigners brands and businesses that are highly up in preference of locals, eliminating the possibility of the user being diverted to a place where he will be treated otherwise.

Complete Business Details

Choose from over 34 categories. Find business details and contact info. CYXplore is not a map. It is a complete directory of businesses falling within 24 different categories and over 220 sub categories. It tells you where each business is, it gives you details such as telephone number with push button direct telephone communication, direct connection to its web site, it provides useful information on operation hours, a small description of the services offered, as well as useful tips on each business it promotes.

Business Directions

Get business location on map and step by step directions to make the planning of your route. CYXplore is a friendly instrument that helps its users find the correct business in each town within a few seconds. It operates under 3G or WiFi environment. Use interactive maps, driving directions and business categories to find everything near your location. CYXplore offers the chance to its users, to convert their smart phone whether IOS or Android,  to a useful GPS enabling them to go to the selected business at ease.

Find Everything Near You

See the who is who on the map around you at any given time. It is a very useful instrument at your fingertips, anytime and everywhere.

Push Notifications

Subscribe for one or more subcategories and receive notifications for the latest deals and discounts around Cyprus. CYXplore is if the user wants, a dual way communication instrument, between the user and the advertised operation. The user is given the opportunity to receive by online push notifications useful offers on the best available deals offered by a specific business advertised, immediately when such an offer is available.

Direct call function

Get in touch with any business by using the one click direct call functionality. CYXplore is there for you, don’t waste time in calling here and there to find the telephone number of any place you wish to go. CYXplore will not only give you such number or the Web Site of every advertised business, it will also let you know if someone there speaks your language, and let you communicate by phone with them directly.